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Recent Results for our Clients ...


Equipment Damage, Insurer Denied Coverage

We recovered $360,000 on a property damage case for a small business owner client whose equipment was damaged from wind and rain caused by Hurricane Laura. When we were retained, the client had received a denial letter, and was being investigated for underinsuring his property.  The settlement amount agreed to by the Underwriter, exceeds the policy limits by $40,000.  


Real Estate Transaction - Attempted Breach of Purchase Agreement

Faced with increasing opportunity and income losses from  having foregone short term rental income in order to effect the sale of her property, a client recently retained us, to enforce a purchase and sale agreement.  We successfully proved the buyers were in bad faith in attempting to breach, and forced the sale, at a value to the clinet of over $275,000.  We thrive off of coming up with novel solutions -- whatever secures the client's particular needs.


Hurricane Ida - First Party Bad Faith

Faced with allegations of fraudulently withholding homeowner-provided documents, Major Homeowner's Insurer paid out $140,000.  Homeowner's were relieved to be compensated for their mental anguish and wrongful denial and delay of their insurance benefits.  We stand with our clients until the very end, never giving in to Insurance Company tactics to deny and delay.

Business Legal Counsel Value

Visit our Plans and Pricing Page, and see which of our Small Business legal counsel subscriptions or packages answers your business legal needs, and we provide value by being instantly avaialbale for the life of your subscription retainer agreement.  We will pursue matters from the point at which they arise within the company, through investigation and amicable demand, and on to trial, appeal and collection actions.  Let us look at your aging accounts receivables today, and begin recovering that profit stream for your business.

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